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This is my second Megaman fanfiction story that I have written, except I wrote it on notebook paper and over filled the notebook. This story is not completely written, I'm going to go ahead and upload some chapters because I was very excited to finish this and now I have writer block because I'm choking on my own excitement. Anyway I will NOT ever upload my first fanfiction story because I wrote it after they stopped airing megaman in America so it was pretty crappy for a middle schooler. There is no title for it now since I'm typing it, but I'll come up with one before I finish this first chapter.
Chapter One: My monster

Chaud stared in worry at the familiar figure that was just several feet away from the observation glass. He stared long and hard till he was able to see his own fifteen year old self noticing that his hair had grown out into a somewhat wild, but controlled style. That wasn't much of a noticable change except for his left eye though, for it had a scar that ran through his eyebrow and ended near his cheek bone.

Chaud thought about how not only had he changed and was changing, but the rest of the world too. Change was good, but sometimes not so good and a bad example was just behind the glass.

"...Lan..." Chaud muttered to himself quietly, "How..did this happen?"

Chaud allowed his thoughts to wander to the events of fourteen hours ago, when he recieved a phone call from the Science Labs, Specifically from Dr. Hikari, asking if he could help test out the latest PET model he had just came up with. Without a thought the dual hair colored boy agree to it and left his office. Later he met up with his fellow NetSavior, also known as Dr. Hikari's son, Lan. The two teenager boys then proceeded to the Crossfusion Practice room, there they were both issued the new PET model named PET Excel, in which they each took their turns testing it out by virus busting, followed by a quick netbattle. It all went well until it came time to test the Crossfusion capabilities. Of course Lan had to go first. The fusion went smoothly and the virus busting was almost perfect, but just when Dr. Hikari was about to turn off the Dimensional Area Generators (DAG), a lose virus caused an electric charge in one, which made it impossible to turn off.

Meanwhile another complication was occuring. Lan's stripes began changing into the coloration of Hub Style, infact his Crossfusion was starting to resemble Hub style. Lan and Megaman were yelling in agony as the change became more and more intense. Mr. Famous then pulled up Lan's status on the moniter. Chaud remembered asking the dreaded question, "What's happening to him?"

Famous answered him with the dreaded answer," I don't know."

Chaud hated those kinds of answers, especially since his rival and only best friend was in unimaginable pain and now he was on his knees clutching his head.

"His power spike could cause a devastating explosion if we don't do something!" Famous exclaimed to Dr. Hikari, who was busily claking away at the keyboard trying to disable the Dimensional Area (DA). Dr. Hikari was one of the best multi-taskers Chaud knew, but right now it was one track.

"DR. HIKARI!" Famous shouted after a moment.

Dr. Hikari whirled his head to face his collegue and after a short arguement a solution was made for the power output problem. Both Famous and Dr. Hikari clacked away in a fury for a couple of minutes and then Dr. Hikari finally hit the execute button. Immediately three blue colored rings appeared and bounded the Hub style/Crossfusion, which caused Lan and Megaman to yell even louder for at least half a minute, then they were silent. Chaud guessed that the rings were limiters. Unfortunately they wouldn't be able to hold the ever increasing power output forever, but that was fourteen hours ago.

Chaud felt totally helpless to the whole situtation. Infact all he could do was wait and watch.

An hour later the silence Chaud stood in was iterrupted by a growl from his stomach. He realized it had been a long time since his last meal and he was presented with a way to escape his isolation. Alas he had to run into Maylu on his way to the vending machines.

"Where is he?" Maylu demanded roughly.

She sounded as though she might tear someone apart if she didn't get an answer, but her face was somewhat polite. Except he wasn't sure if the state she was in was perfect for his kind of answer.

"I'll tell you where Lan is, but only if you come with me and calm down." Chaud suggested praying that she wouldn' rip him a new one, while he kept his expression vague.

Thankfully Maylu had known Chaud long enough to know that when he was being vague about something, it was pretty bad. So Maylu nodded and he lead her to the cafeteria and sat down at a small table in a a corner where there weren't very many ears. He offered her some of the food he had bought, but she shook her head in response and then merely stared at her hands, waiting patiently in silence.

Fifteen minutes later Chaud finished his meal and asked,"Maylu?"

She stood and followed him for several minutes until they came to a lot less busier section of the Science Labs and stopped in front of a highly safisticated door. Chaud turned to face the red headed girl and her hazel brown eyes met his sharp, harsh blue eyes.

"For yours and 'his' sake, promise me you won't over react and reveal to anyone what is in here." Chaud instructed as his hand clutching his red PET hovered near the access panel.

"I promise." Maylu said as calmly as she could for her heart was choked with fear of what lied beyond that door, but now wasn't the time to get scared.

Chaud then progressed to swipe his PET over the access panel which chirped, "Access Granted." Making the door swoosh open.

The inside of the room was fairly dark except for the light flooding in from the hallway. Maylu walked inside a few step before stopping and waititng for Chaud to say or do something. He shut the door and walked past her and pressed a button on a panel next to a now noticeable viewing window. The window covers came off revealing a fairly familiar figure surrounded by three blue rings. Maylu let out a sharp gasp, indicating that she recognized who was behind the glass.

"Lan?" she exclaimed, "What's wrong with him, Chaud?"

Before he could answer his PET began to ring.

"Hello?" Chaud said to the PET and listened to the person on the other side of the PET. When he finished his conversation on the PET he turned to Maylu and said, "I'll answer your question later. I'm needed else where at the moment, but I'll be back." He walked to the door and continued, "Stay here." With those words he left Maylu to her silence.

So many questions she wanted to ask Chaud, but now he wasn't present to answer them now. She didn't know whether to cry or sit there and wait. Regrettably she felt like crying her heart out, but instead she thought of all the times that Lan was close to death and he kept telling her not to cry, but to smile except that would make her cry even worse. The truth though was that he'd always pull through, especially with a smile plastered to his face. Maylu then knew that he would pull through this too, and with his goofy grin.

"What is it you need me for?" Chaud asked as he walked into a room filled with sensors and monitors of some sort. There were a couple of other scientists in the room besides Dr. Hikari and Famous, who were standing in front of the biggest moniter in the room.

Famous greeted the fifteen year old and began to explain the current predicament. "Well actually we need Protoman to jack in from here then link over to the DAGs' network to check out what one of Dr. Hikari's programs found."

"Right." Chaud answered as he began his jack in procedure, "JACK IN, PROTOMAN, POWER UP!"

"Opening link." Dr. HIkari said as he tapped the keyboard with amazing speed, "Lan's power out put has been spiking a lot and his recent spike caused a rift in the DA network. So far it doesn't seem to be of any significant danger, but if his power increases any much more the limiter will break."

"So you need Protoman to see whether or not if the rift is a way to," Chaud continued, "save Lan."

Dr. Hikari's tapping of the keyboard degraded down to a stop, "Sounds like you got the 'gist of it." He complimented.

Meanwhile Protoman stood in front of what seemed to be a warphole.

"What the-" he began to say and then turned to face the cowering Mr. Program that was a couple of steps behind him, "You're sure that this is the rift?"

The program nodded heavily. Protoman gave a sigh before entering the warphole and finding himself in the remenants of a bedroom. If truth be told the room seemed oddly familiar. It took hima second to realize where he was.

"This is.." he began, but was interrupred by Chaud.

"What is it Protoman? What's there?" Chaud interrupted with a worried tone.

Suddenly the room disappeared and Protoman found himself teleported back to where he entered the warphole except the hole was gone now.

"Protoman?!" Chaud called to the PET, but just as PRotoman began to answer a sensor began to sound an alarm.

"The limiters are breaking!" a scientist shouted making Dr. Hikari pull up a video feed of Crossfusion Practice room. Sure enough the rings were disintigrating rapidly and in just under a minute they were gone. Lan's change then began to advance explosively into a Hubstyle beast-out Gregar, which then broke out of his area of containment. Everyone except for Chaud was in awe.

"Maylu." Chaud thought as he dashed out of the room shouting that they need to deploy a DA over Sci Labs. Famous complied the motion withthe help of Dr. Hikari.

Maylu knew she should run, but fear had her frozen to where she sat on the floor. It was a fear she'd never dream of or have had, but now it was a reality and it was a few feet away. She thought back to how she had heard a seemingly faint sound of an alarm and she got up to check on Lan only to find the blue rings gone and watch him change into Hub style beast-out Gregar. Then when he had noticed her through the window, the memory of Lan telling her to run if anything beasted-out, made her bolt for the door as she watched everything become psychedelic colors that the DA produced.

The sound of a light growl brought her back to the situation she was now in. She'd noticed that he had came into point blank range, practically face to face and both were like this till she noticed a claw coming at her throat.

"No, no, please no." she whispered as she waited for the choke hold.

Thankfully it never came, instead the sound of a cannon blast hitting close by directed both of their attentions. It was Crossfused Chaud. Lan gave a low, but louder growl toward Chaud.

"Hang on Maylu!" Chaud shouted as he charged forward, "Stepsword!"

Maylu could only watch as Chaud teleported in front of Lan and unleash a destructive sword slash and then teleported to her side as Lan let out a roar of pain.

"It's not safe here." he told her as he lifted her off the ground with one hand easily, "Let's get you somewhere safe."

His default sword disappeared so he could carry her with both arms and then he dashed out of there. Meanwhile Lan was crouched on the floor changing into Uberbeast-out with the Hub style scheme.

A few seconds later Maylu looked back just in time to see Hubstyle Uberbeast-out come crashing after them.

"He's coming!" she shrieked causing Chaud to look back just as he was knocked down and out, which undid his Crossfusion.

Also in a split second Maylu had changed hands and was flown down several corridors before they stopped in what used to be a boiler room.

"Okay," Maylu said, her anger getting the best of her, "Lan Hikari, I've had enough. PUT ME DOWN!"

She looked firmly into his eyes hoping he would come to his senses.

"Well, looks like the Doc was right." said a voice.

"Definitely a prize." said another.

By this time Lan was frantically searching around the vacinity for the owners of the voices.

"Hmpf. Doesn't look like much." said another, but different voice.

"Who's there?!" Lan snarled, his own voice was peculiar.

"Lan." Maylu muttered as she clung to him tighter.

A navi in the style of a samurai appeared in front of Lan and Maylu.

"How rude of us to not make proper introductions." the samurai navi said, "I am Clashman."

"I'm Crashman." said a crash dummy themed navi, that appeared next to Clashman.

"I'm Bashman." said a boxer themed navi appearing next to Crashman, "And your coming with us, except for the girl of course."

"She must die." Clashman said reaching for one of his swords and unsheathing it, but Lan was quick to retaliate by slashing off Clashman's arms after he had set Maylu down.

"Over my dead body." Lan said angrily and eerily as he attacked the other two, Bashman and Crashman.

It took less than half a minute to delete the threesome. When he'd finished he flew back to where he had left Maylu standing.

"Lan," Maylu began as he landed in front of her, "You're okay?"

Before either could say another word, Lan yelled out in pain as a light surrounded him and disappeared, which caused a huge back blast that knocked Maylu off her feet and onto her backside.

"Ow." she said indicating that she was getting tired of landing on her back.

Her muscles screamed in aching pain, for it had been a long day and being thrown around like a rag doll was not a good way to exercise. The room they were in had no light anymore because of the back blast and now the floor was torn and ragged in certain places. Maylu stood up in the darkness brushing off what dust she had gotten on her clothes and carefully made her way to where she thought Lan might be. Her pace was slow and cautious and after a minute she stopped and held her breathe to try and hear Lan's breathing and then used that sound to pinpoint his location.

After a few seconds she heard the familiar rasp of breathing and released the breathe she held. Throwing caution to the wind, Maylu quickened her pace toward her thought coordinates of Lan's location clearly forgetting about the torn up floor that would trip her up. The fall didn't bother her, it was the impact. She had landed on something warm and alive.

"Lan?" She whispered gaining no reply.

She tried to look and find his face so she could maybe slap him around a bit. After all he did put her through enough stress for the day and now he deserved a good pounding. She let out a gasp as her eyes adjusted to the darkness and noticed that the face she was staring at was not the roundness of Lan's, but more slender and not as rounded. As she looked more deeply into the person's facial details she also noticed that the skin was less tan and borderline fair.

"Who are you?"   

Chapter One: End

Here's the first chapter. Just a heads up for ya'll I'll be using a bunch of acronyms
but I'll make sure to have a list of what they are at the beginning of each chapter except this one. I know that I used Chaud's name alot. I'll try to cut back on doing that so just try and cut me some slack. I'm only supposed to have an hour on the computer but since it looks like I'm typing a paper for school so I'll get more time.
Critiques are welcome. Chapter Two will come a little later. I wanna see what kind of effect this chapter will have.
I hope to see some fanart for this not only done just by me.
I want to thank Az-the-dragon for inspiring me to upload this. I know you all must realize that I'm using the American names, but I hate the name HUB so I'll only use it to describe hubstyle. This might be a spoiler alert or NOT, but any reference in the story to Lan's twin will have the japanese name Saito.

Music to play while reading this:
Mado Kara Mieru(Christopher Tin)
Sanctuary(Kingdom Hearts)

Disclaimer: I do not own Megaman.

Megaman.exe, Saito, Lan, Chaud, Maylu, Famous, Dr. Hikari & Concepts (C) Capcom

Clashman, Bashman, Crashman (c) Spyrodramon
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So cool! So good so far. .o.
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DAG is a Norwegian word that stand's for day. it's kind of wierd reading something Norwegian in an English fiction.
How do I know. easy i'm from Norway simple as that. and btw amazing story so far.
spyrodramon Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2012  Student Filmographer
DAG is actually suppose to be an acronym I used for describing Dimensional Area Generator (DAG). My author's note at the end mentions it, but I totally understand if you misread that part. I'm glad you are enjoying it and hope you'll enjoy the rest of the chapters.
vaporeonxglaceon Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I didn't mis read the word, I know it's a shortend version of that, but in Norwegian DAG is a word that stands for day here in Norway, it's also my fathers name Dag Eric Stordal. mine is Katrine Stordal. I live in Norway.
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okey love your story btw keep it up
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Working on chapter 26 right now, but college and job keep me pretty busy, but that ain't stopping me.
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Why thank you. Here's a link to the archive for the rest of the story and artworks. [link]
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I am so sorry for all the mistakes and the unfinished ending. I thought I had this all finished. Sorry everyone.
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